New MGA in midst of ‘slow launch’

A new Canadian managing general agency, O2 Insurance Services Inc., has been granted Lloyd’s broker status allowing it to deal directly and write business with market syndicates, its chief operating officer told Thompson’s.
Karen McGee, who is also O2’s senior vp, said the company is already writing business but is doing a so-called “slow launch.”
Across Canada, except for Quebec, it will provide cover for everything from malpractice to marijuana.
“I want to make sure we have good infrastructure in place and we can service the broker as they start bringing us business,” Ms. McGee said.
“We want to make sure we can maintain strong service levels and relationships.”
The menu of products and services O2 will offer is the result of conversations with brokers.
“We have gotten feedback from where their challenges and struggles are and where they need capacity,” Ms. McGee said.
“And we have gone out and sought solutions that can help them.”
She said O2 would focus on five areas.
First and foremost it will offer wholesaling options.
“As a Lloyd’s broker we can do wholesaling and we can help other cover-holders in Canada deal with compliance or renegotiating the contracts and we are happy to do that for them . . . and support their ongoing facilities,” Ms. McGee said.
O2 will also offer lifestyle products, offering package products including medical malpractice. And it is finalizing details on a cyber product, which will be either part of a package or a standalone product.
Its fourth focus area will be standard small and medium-sized business contracts.
“That will allow us to fill those gaps where the other domestic (insurers) aren’t interested in writing risks,” Ms. McGee said.
O2’s fifth service area will be a medical marijuana insurance product with three areas of focus: residential grow operations, commercial grow operations, and auxiliary businesses.
“There is already an existing need and that is certainly going to grow as the government makes changes within legislation—demand is just going to be higher,” she said.